ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
Humanities 6 5 Communication & Management 3

Working together across cultures, intercultural management skills, managing intercultural conflicts

Tutorials : 12h00
Applied Internship

Applied engineering internship (4 months - France or UK)

Traineeship : 560h00
Languages 6 FL1

• Exercises to develop effective oral communication throughout the programme
• Work on grammatical structures in situation via pairwork, mini-meetings and roleplays
• Confidence-building exercises - presenting groupwork/pairwork
• Use of video debates / conferences as a basis for discussion
• Listening exercises
? - to improve general ability
? - to promote and stimulate debate

Tutorials : 24h00
Languages 6 FL2

Tutorials : 18h00
Personal Project 3

CVs & cover letters

Tutorials : 4h00
Mechanical Engineering 4 9 Materials 3

Macromolecules, polymers, composites, specific applications of polymers

Lectures : 10h00
Tutorials : 6h00
Lab Work : 8h00
Energy Systems 2

Conduction, convection, radiation, conbined transfers, heat exchangers, heat pumps

Lectures : 8h00
Tutorials : 6h00
Lab Work : 12h00
Solid and Structures 3

Vibrations in 1DOF systems: conservative and non-conservative systems, vibrations in discrete systems with nDOF

Displacement formula, free vibrations of a beam, forced vibration of a beam, vibration modelling.

Lectures : 18h00
Tutorials : 12h00
Lab Work : 6h00
Robotics - SPECIALIZATION 2 9 Robotics 2

Introduction to robots systems and controllers, introduction to robot programing for mobile systems, Braitenberg vehicles and subsumption architecture, BEAM and legged robotics, robot simulation

Lectures : 12h00
Tutorials : 10h00
Control 2

Servo-control and control of continuous linear systems, PID control methods, study of non-linear systems, sampled-data linear system control, discrete PID, RST control, PFC control, full state feedback, Identification method.

Digital implementation of control system and examination of parameters that affect response (sampling rate, aliasing, pre-filtering and quantisation).

Lectures : 14h00
Tutorials : 14h00
Lab Work : 8h00
Electronics 4

Architecture of a microcomputer industrial system, microcontrollers, numerical memories, serial transmission, microcontroller 8051, microcontroller 80C552, application.

Power semiconductor devices, naturally commutated converters, self commutated converters, waveform distorsion.

Lectures : 18h00
Tutorials : 14h00
Lab Work : 12h00
Systemic Design - SPECIALIZATION 2 9 Design for Industrialization

Through brainstorming, students reflect on the meta- field through a methodological feedback action, describing in small groups cultural and technical scenarios from which the meta-project of a product or service could be defined.

Industrial Management

Virtual Design

This course provides the methodological and cultural tools of Interaction Design through lectures and analysis of characteristic case studies of literature and history of discipline.

Transversal Projects 6 7 Robotics and Design Project

Introduction to an industrial company, production methods (5S, SMED), study of the workplace, workshop setup, stream studies and simulation, stream analysis and improvement, quality, production management.

Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality

Lectures : 4h00
Project : 52h00
Entrepreneurship Project 3

After completion of the full module (3 semesters) students will have developped Advanced knowledge on:
- how to assess business opportunities and what characterize successes and failures
- key processes necessary to bring new products and services to market
- an understanding of scientific research methods and theories relevant for the field

Students will also aquire the following skills:
- ability to carry out scientific research in the field of entrepreneurship
- ability to plan, organize, and execute a project or new venture with the goal of bringing new products and service to the market
- ability to write scientific reports and communicate the results in a professional manner

Tutorials : 15h00
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