ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
Electricity, Electronics & Automation 1 30 Control System

Review of transfer function techniques and feedback.
Frequency response methods
Process Control and transportation delay
Digital Control Systems and the Z-Transform
Nonlinear systems analysis
Transfer function parameter estimation
State space representation

Lectures : 36h00
Design Technologies for Masters

CAD Modelling: Review of solid modelling techniques (feature creation,
parametric design, assembly, mechanisms). Surface modelling techniques
(shape creation, dynamic modification). Automation of CAD (HTML, Interface
design, Java-Script programming, CAD Interfacing).
Mathematics of Curves and Surfaces: Matrix mathematics. Geometric
Transformations. Derivation of Polynomial, Bezier, B-Spline curves and surfaces. Discussion of programming implementation issues.
Reverse Engineering: CMM Operation (Linear dimensions, Diametric
Dimensions, Angular Dimensions, generation of defining curves for CAD
modelling). Laser Scanner Operation (Data Healing Techniques, Integration
with CAD/RP).
Rapid Prototyping: Data Transfer, STL file format, RP Systems, RP Tooling,
RP Applications (ceramic, product, medical etc), Tooling from RP.

Lectures : 36h00
Digital Electronic Systems

This module is designed to enable students to understand advanced digital electronic systems, to apply selection skills in choosing appropriate solutions to design problems and to be aware of design limitations both theoretical and technological.

- Advanced design methods and technologies
- State machine systems - advanced architectures
- Linear digital circuits - filters
- Modulo-2 Arithmetic and design
- Asynchronous systems - analysis, modelling
- Digital synthesis
- High level synthesis
- Hardware Description language VHDL
- Regular arrays
- Test and testability
- Software tools Xilinx

Lectures : 36h00
Digital Signal Processing

MECH70581 This module provides an advanced study of modern digital signal processing
(DSP) and some of its major applications including algorithms and
- Frequency and time analysis of discrete time systems
- Finite Impulse Response (FIR) digital filter design
- Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) digital filter design
- Multi-rate processing and oversampling
- Non-ideal effects
- Mixed analogue-digital signal processing, delta-sigma conversion
- Linear estimation and adaptive filtering
- Coding, Wavelet, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Discrete Cosine
Transform (DCT) algorithms
- 2D/3D processing
- DSP devices and architectures
- Practical DSP implementation

Lectures : 36h00
Photovoltaic Technology

Semiconductors: Crystal Structures, Electronic States, Organic semiconductors, Doping and Carrier Transport, Optical properties of Semiconductors, Optical absorption, Excitonic states in Semiconductors, Semiconductor Junstion Theory, Photocurrent in a P-N Diode, Amorphous Silicon Solar cells, Fabrications, Resistive coating, RF Sputtering, Spin Coating, Optical/electrical and surface Characterisation, Efficiency measurements

Lectures : 36h00
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