ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
Electricity, Electronics & Automation 2 30 Advanced Engineering Materials

Embeded Real Time Systems

Exposure to and application of a range of Real-Time system concepts
and Development techniques.
These include;
(1) System Design and Architecture Comparisons
(2) Real-time Operating Systems
(3) Peripheral configuration
(4) Development, Analysis and Debugging
(5) Design Solutions for Embedded Products
Exposure to these techniques will be via both class attendance and
directed self-study.

Lectures : 36h00
Industrial Robotics and Control

Overview of industrial robot arms and how to program them
Overview of PLCs and how they interface to robots and automatic processes
Digital implementation of PID control
Forward kinematics using D-H matrices
Inverse kinematics
The Jacobean matrix and its use in force and speed determination
Trajectory control
Introduction to vision
Current advances in robotics"

Lectures : 36h00
Optical Fibre communication systems

Optional Course

ELEC70268 Introduction to wireless Navigation Systems (basic architecture and measurements), Coverage and Link Budget design, Antennas for wireless navigation system, Modulation and multiple access schemes in wireless navigation systems, Satellite links in Wireless Navigation Systems, Standards, Introduction to RADAR, basic signal processing in RADAR, RADAR Transmitters and Receivers, RADAR antennas (reflector and Phase array) for application, MIMO Systems in RADAR application, Types of RADAR (Pulse-Doppler, CW, SAR, MTI etc.) and their applications, Signal detection, tracking and integration, Response of RADAR to spread-fluctuating target, RADAR Guidance. Introduction to SONAR, Tracking algorithms in SONAR, Beam-forming techniques for RADAR and SONAR,

Introduction location based services (LBS), Introduction to GPS, Signal Equalization and detection in GPS, Designing accuracy for different Wireless Navigation targets, Wireless Navigation using Cellular Networks(2G [GSM, IS-95], 3G [UMTS] and 4G [WLAN]), Integration of Navigation Modules with cellular phones, Performance analysis and comparison of cellular communication elements in wireless navigation.

MECH70535 Properties of monolithic and conventional engineering materials
Hybrid materials - composites and coatings
Advanced and smart materials
Composite and laminate properties modelling techniques Materials and process selection strategies and tools, constraint and
objective based selection (Ashby model), multiple (and conflicting)
Digital logic ranking techniques
Materials failure prediction techniques - Weibull statistics of brittle
fracture, fatigue models.

Lectures : 36h00
Research Method and Project Management

Literature Survey
Methods and Skills of literature research, gathering of data from a range of sources, selecting and using appropriate technologies available (e.g. library, digital library, Internet facilities and other sources). How to appraise, debate and present complex issues relating to technical literature within the chosen field of study.

Writing and managing a research proposal
Exposure to a range of project management techniques, which will enable the student to successfully manage complex science / technical based research projects. Research proposal specification, regulations and supervisors role. Application of a range of project management techniques to formulate a comprehensive work plan for a typical MSc Dissertation.

Writing an MSc Dissertation
The structure and format of a dissertation. Effective presentation of scientific results. Reflection and appraisal of work undertaken.
Using Microsoft Word to write large documents efficiently.

Industrial project management
A broad coverage of different project management techniques. Different approaches and methodologies to the management of major projects within an engineering framework such as the introduction of a new product and/or implementation of new technological processes."

Lectures : 36h00
Sustainable Design and Manufacture

Lectures : 36h00
Technical Paper Authoring

Wireless Navigation Systems

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