ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
General Data
Academic program ECAM Engineering Program :
Type d'EC Classes
Tutorials : 28h00
Total duration : : 28
Status :
Period :
Semester 1
Education language :
General objectives
- To consolidate the B2 level in English
- To communicate in a Professional/formal situation
- To introduce Professional/formal communication skills
- To build, consolidate and employ key Professional/formal vocabulary
- To apply for an internship in English or in French
Module 1 Written communication in English:
Students will be able to:
? Write a short report or report summary with minimal grammar or syntax errors
? Build technical vocabulary in order to read, understand and discuss short scientific or technical documents
? Develop awareness of different writing styles
? Understand and write a professional email using correct expressions

Module 2 Oral communication in English:
Students will be able to:
? Become aware of voice and gestures when speaking in public
? Improve listening skills & use active listening
? Plan, structure and deliver a formal presentation without reading
? Create visuals which are both attractive and professional
? Discuss professional topics using appropriate language to express opinions

Module 3 Professionalisation
Students will be able to:
? Gain an insight into how a company and its different departments function
? Write a CV in French and English which is professional and succinct
? Write a professional cover letter or covering email in English
? Introduce themselves to a future employer and answer basic job interview questions
? Identify what a manager would expect from an intern in terms of professional behaviour.
Level B2 on the CEFR scale
Nature Coefficient Observable objectives
1Continuous Assessment1