ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
General Data
Academic program ECAM Engineering Program :
Type d'EC Classes
Lectures : 8h00
Tutorials : 12h00
Lab Work : 3h00
Total duration : : 23
Status :
Period :
Semester 2
Education language :
General objectives
1 - Analyse and signal processing in both time and frequency domains.
2 - Passive/Actif Filter theory
Linear Time Invariant system. Focus on first and second order systems. Introduction to time domain analysis for LTI. Transient and permanent regime study for arbitrary deterministic source via ODE's. introduction to harmonic analysis via transfert functions to obtain a frequency response, response time. Basics of linear filtering, Bode plots. Fourier Series, Laplace Transforms.
Advanced maths
Electricity 1
Signals and Systems: Pearson New International Edition
Author:Alan V Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky, with S. Hamid

Signals and Systems: Author:Alan V Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky, with S. Hamid
Nature Coefficient Observable objectives
1Applied to lectures, mainly oriented transient and permanent regime study, frequency responses for first and second order LTI. Introduction to filter synthesis, sensitivity.Tutorial
2Practical work0.1Duality response time and frequency response. Characterisation
3Continuous Assessment0.42 Partial Exams (DS)
4Written exam0.5Final