ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
General Data
Academic program ECAM Engineering Program :
Type d'EC Classes
Tutorials : 30h00
Total duration : : 30
Status :
Period :
Semester 2
Education language :
General objectives
- Body: Coordination and fine motor skills development
- Cognitive: Spatial, ball trajectory, player position, and decision-making awareness
- Social: Action coordination with partners and adapting to opponents' actions, game rules and theory
- Methodology: Individual and collective organizational strategy

- Guide students to their athletic goals: Improve Strength
- Create a sustainable state of health: Muscle toning and weight-loss help
- Creating muscle mass in accordance with personal goals: Hypertrophy
- Offense and defense at the same time without blocking the ball
- Adequate movement in relation with the ball (anticipation/chance)
- Crossing vertical obstacles (the net) to aim for a horizontal and moving target
- Limited contact with the ball (see rules)

- Risk awareness: Safe standards and practices
- Associating objectives with methods
- Associating activities with muscle-use
- Associating load, intensity, form, series, repetitions, and recovery time

Physical Education 1
Nature Coefficient Observable objectives
1Continuous Assessment1