ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
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Academic program ECAM Engineering Program :
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Lectures : 1h00
Project : 14h00
Personal work 14h00
Total duration : : 15
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Semestre 3
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General objectives
The MOOC "Francophonie: cultural essence, political necessity" aims at understanding the Francophonie as a geocultural and a geopolitical space. Throughout this course, the students will follow the evolution of the Francophonie through a multidisciplinary approach based on different themes such as history, geography, political science and much more.
The Founding Fathers and Linguistics bases of Francophonie.
The Francophonie's geopolotical situation.
History of the Francophonie.
Who does what in Francophonie sphere.
What does the future hold for the Francophonie
No pre-requisites

FALL Juliet J., ROSIERE Stéphane, (2008), "On the limits of dialogue between Francophone and Anglophone political geography", Political Geography, vol.27, n°7, septembre, pp.713-716

FALL Juliet J., (2007), « Lost geographers: Power games and the circulation of ideas within Francophone political geographies », Progress in Human Geography, vol.31, n°2, pp.195-216.

D'ALESSANDRO Cristina, (2016), 'When Nature Becomes a Resource: Spaces of Environmental Protection, Land Management and Development Issues in Francophone Africa”, in Besada H. (ed), Governing Natural Resources for Africa's Development, Oxford, Routledge, pp. 171-194.
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