ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
General Data
Academic program ECAM Engineering Program :
Type d'EC Classes
Lectures : 10h00
Tutorials : 8h00
Lab Work : 12h00
Total duration : : 30
Status :
Period :
Semester 5
Education language :
General objectives
1 - Understand the general steps of finite element methods
2 - Understand the basic finite element formulation techniques
3 - Be able to derive formulate and solve basic problems in heat transfer, solid mechanics and fluid mechanics using finite element methods
4 - Be able to write computer program based on finte element methods
5 - Be able to use ANSYS software to solve basic engineering problems in heat transfer, solid mechanics and fluid mechanics"
Approximation principle, post-treatment of results, lab work on the ANSYS software: choice of modeling system (element type, use of symmetries, mesh factor), type of analysis (linear or non-linear), analysis of results and dimensioning criteria (yield criterion, failure criterion)
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