ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
General Data
Academic programECAM Engineering ProgramModule Manager(s):
Module typeTeaching Unit
Credits (ECTS)30
Maximum number of students160
Total duration :144h00Period :
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Learning outcomes
Embeded Real Time Systems:
This is a module that integrates knowledge of microprocessor systems and high level language programming. There is a strong emphasis on developing solutions to realistic engineering problems using embedded software techniques.

Industrial Robotics and Control:
Robot manipulators are numerous in industry and found in a variety of applications. This module will explain exactly how they work, how to program them, their interfacing with industrial controllers and how they will be improved in the future. Topics will range from motor control using PLC?s and what PID really is, through to the advanced topics of vision and current research.

Research Method and Project Management:
This module prepares the student for planning, undertaking, managing and reporting an MSc level project in engineering. The work is split into two areas:
1. The development of a proposal of work to be undertaken during the project.
2. Expanding good project management practice to an industrial sized project.
On completion of the module the student will be ready to start their MSc project and write their dissertation.

Optional Course:
Introduction to wireless Navigation Systems (basic architecture and measurements), Coverage and Link Budget design, Antennas for wireless navigation system, Modulation and multiple access schemes in wireless navigation systems, Satellite links in Wireless Navigation Systems, Standards, Introduction to RADAR, basic signal processing in RADAR, RADAR Transmitters and Receivers, RADAR antennas (reflector and Phase array) for application, MIMO Systems in RADAR application, Types of RADAR (Pulse-Doppler, CW, SAR, MTI etc.) and their applications, Signal detection, tracking and integration, Response of RADAR to spread-fluctuating target, RADAR Guidance. Introduction to SONAR, Tracking algorithms in SONAR, Beam-forming techniques for RADAR and SONAR,