ECAM Engineering Program
Combined Bachelor's / Master's Degree
General Data
Academic programECAM Engineering ProgramModule Manager(s):
Module typeTeaching Unit
Credits (ECTS)30
Maximum number of students160
Total duration :208h00Period :
Semester 10
Language : :
Learning outcomes
1 - Apply project planning concepts, models and tools
2 - Effectively evaluate a project opportunity
3 - Present a project plan of sufficient detail to proceed to implementation stage
4 - Identify, investigate, critically analyse and resolve complex issues and situations

General objectives
1 - Be able to apply design thinking frameworks to articulate a project question aimed at solving a real life problem or creating and pursuing an innovative idea from imagination to prototyping/creation.
2 - Evaluate the potential of a design or solutio through analytical and synthetic thinking approaches.
3 - Be able to observe and interpret how people interact with their environment to uncover new opportunities that others miss, and reframe problem in new ways.
4 - Develop and formulate managerial strategies to shape innovative performance".
5 - Demonstrate an understanding of the relathionship between innovation, education and economic growth.
6 - Explain economic theories and concepts used in the analysis of markets for innovation.
7 - Identify the appropriate business policies and startegies to meet stakeholder needs within a changing environment
5 - Apply effective communication and negociation skills in the workplace