Formation ECAM Arts & Métiers
Ingénieur généraliste en 5 ans
Données Générales
Programme Académique Formation ECAM Arts & Métiers :
Type d'EC Cours
TD : 18h00
Durée totale : 28h00
Statut :
Période :
Langue d'enseignement :
Allemand, Espagnol, Italien
Acquis d'apprentissage
*Groups are organised by a placement test so content and objectives vary according to students' different levels
Strengthen vocabulary
Acquire grammatical accuracy
Improve listening and reading comprehension skills
Improve oral expression and fluency
Introduction to culture, geopolitics or science and technology
Introduction to academic and working environment
2 hour lessons every week.
Expanded vocabulary
Revision of grammar points
Improvement of phonological control
Language skills according to different CEFR level groups:
Can establish basic social contact by using the simplest everyday polite forms of: greetings and farewells; introductions; saying please, thank you, sorry etc.
Has a repertoire of basic language, which enables him/her to deal with everyday situations with predictable content, though he/she will generally have to compromise the message and search for words.
Can produce brief everyday expressions in order to satisfy simple needs of a concrete type: personal details, daily routines, wants and needs, requests for information.
Can use basic sentence patterns and communicate with memorised phrases, groups of a few words and formulae about themselves and other people, what they do, places, possessions etc.
Has a limited repertoire of short memorised phrases covering predictable survival situations; frequent breakdowns and misunderstandings occur in non-routine situations.
Has enough language to get by, with sufficient vocabulary to express him/herself with some hesitation and circumlocutions on topics such as family, hobbies and interests, work, travel, and current events, but lexical limitations cause repetition and even difficulty with formulation at times.
Can express him/herself clearly and without much sign of having to restrict what he/she wants to say.
Has a sufficient range of language to be able to give clear descriptions, express viewpoints and develop arguments without much conspicuous searching for words, using some complex sentence forms to do so.
Has a sufficient range of language to describe unpredictable situations, explain the main points in an idea or problem with reasonable precision and express thoughts on abstract or cultural topics such as music and films.
Can select an appropriate formulation from a broad range of language to express him/herself clearly, without having to restrict what he/she wants to say.
Prérequis / corequis
None for beginners
*Groups are organised by a placement test so prerequisites vary according to students' different levels
* Teachers use extracts from textbooks and authentic documents such as online articles or videos:
Journaux: Süddeutsche Zeitung et Berliner Zeitung
Vidéos: ARTE (karambolage) et Deutsche Welle
Nature Coefficient Objectifs
1*Objectives according to different CEFR level groups
Minimum 2 skills of 4 are tested each semester
1Contrôle continu
2Devoir écrit1